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“TLB lessons are fun-filled and very interesting! There is always something new to learn every week. I enjoy the lessons and have benefitted tremendously from them. My teacher is very patient and caring. The time I spend with her and the class flies and before I know it, the lesson has come to an end. I look forward to attending tuition every Saturday. Thank you!” Josephine Chan, Methodist Girls’ School

“As they say, a mediocre teacher tells, a good teacher explains, an excellent teacher demonstrates while a great teacher INSPIRES. Thank you for transforming ordinary, boring lessons into fun-filled, relevant lessons that I will NEVER forget. While pushing us to keep going to a higher level, you make the process fun. Your guidance has paved way for a better ‘me’. As for what I want to thank you for, my list is NEVER ENDING. However, this nostalgic, sentimental 12-year-old would like to say, “Thank you so much for being a very important part of my life – my growing up years. YOU have made this part of my life unforgettable.” Shannon Ng, Nanyang Primary School

“My teacher has helped me a lot. She believes I can attain A-star for English and keeps showing me how to do it. I would not have achieved A-star without her.” Justin Lo, Henry Park Primary School

“My English has improved dramatically! I will not disappoint you in scoring A* in English, Math and Science.” Aniket Bhat, Henry Park Primary School

“The Science Camp was fun and interesting! I enjoyed all the hands-on experiments and benefitted tremendously.” Joshua Kuek, Henry Park Primary School

“I want to thank my teacher for delivering such useful lessons. She focused on all the skills we need to excel in the PSLE.” Justin Chee, Henry Park Primary School

“My Science teacher is a very kind, caring and thoughtful teacher. She was very patient with me when I first started lessons in TLB. Even though I was tardy with handing in my homework, she did not give up on me. Instead, she inspired me to become more responsible and ambitious. Her careful guidance has helped me to improve by leaps and bounds. 老师万岁!” Clarise Aathar, Raffles Girls’ Primary School

“My teacher is smart, amusing and caring. She is everything an excellent teacher should be. I enjoy all my lessons here like everybody else.” Bryan Low, Nan Hua Primary School

“Thank you for teaching me English! You have helped me tremendously! Your classes are very, very interesting! You Rock!!!” Jodi Quek, Raffles Girls’ Primary School

“You are a caring, understanding and super smart teacher. Besides having an answer to every single question, you understand what bothers us and how to talk to us. You always have encouraging or motivational words to say to us. I treat you as a friend but respect you as my teacher. I never get bored in your lessons, more like learning a lot of things while having fun. You have tons of patience. I have never seen you lose your temper. I will always remember you with gratitude.” Gin Na, CHIJ Primary (Toa Payoh)

“Thank you for teaching me since the start of P6. My Math and Science used to be very weak but after I joined your tuition class, I improved drastically! I am very grateful. I hope that you would continue to help students to achieve breakthrough in their results – this is something you do really really well. I cherish all your lessons as there is always something new to learn. You not only fill our brains with knowledge but also big dreams for our future.” Candace Tan, Raffles Girls’ Primary School

“My teacher is a very kind and smart teacher. She is one of the best teachers I have ever had. Even though I have only been in her class for a few months, I have benefitted so much from her teaching. She is a very passionate teacher, and she makes learning fun and interesting. She is also a thoughtful teacher. She can read our thoughts and will take initiative to encourage us when we are feeling tired or worried. I will always remember her.” Kristine Chong, Raffles Girls’ Primary School

“I really enjoy your lessons because they are so fun and interesting! I like how you teach and the stories you tell. I am AMAZED by the improvement in my compositions and in Science. When I started learning in TLB, I found myself surrounded by many witty classmates and a GREAT teacher!” Lee Yat Bing, Poi Ching Primary School

“Thank you for teaching me and helping me improve my Math. I have learnt many, many things from you. Thank you for helping me to score the best results ever, and thank you for believing in me! You are the best teacher I ever had in my whole entire life. You rock!!!” Tershenne Tan, Henry Park Primary School

“Even though I have only joined The Learning Boutique for a short period of time, I have enjoyed myself very much. I have been learning many things that my teachers in my school have not taught me. I love the English class. The lessons are very interesting. I will definitely continue to attend the classes in TLB.” Darylene Tay, Gongshang Primary School

“Thank you for your patience and guidance. Your lessons are fun and interesting and I enjoy every one of them! I always look forward to your lessons. All your lessons are very well prepared, and I have gained a lot of new knowledge. I also appreciate the good values you teach us. You are an amazing person.” Geraldine Mah, Nanyang Primary School

“Thank you for teaching me all these years. I have a great time in your classes. I have improved tremendously with your skillful teaching. You inspire us to keep pressing on for higher achievements. I will continue to strive for even better results.” Charlotte Lee, Methodist Girls’ School

“My brother and I like to come to The Learning Boutique for Science classes. We have learnt a lot from the awesome teachers. The Science notes are very well written and I find them very beneficial for my revision. The people here are very nice. They are nice to me even though they are smarter than me. They share interesting Science facts and ideas. My teacher is the best teacher I have ever met. She makes learning easy and fun. I appreciate her for her great patience. Thanks also for helping my brother score A* in Science for PSLE. It is my turn this year. I will do my best to make you proud.” Regan Tan, River Valley Primary School

“Not only have my marks improved dramatically after I started attending your classes, I have the opportunity to sit in your amazing classes. I think you are one of the smartest and nicest teachers I have ever met. I know it sounds cheesy but I really mean it.” Neo Su Duan, Henry Park Primary School

“The A* for Mathematics that was once an impossible dream is now within my reach! Ever since I joined The Learning Boutique, my results have improved tremendously – from 60’s to high 80’s! My parents are pleased with my improvement. My teacher has been a great source of encouragement to me. She teaches me exam strategies and gives me hope.” Charmaine Chan, Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School

“You are one of the greatest teachers I have ever met. I really appreciate you teaching me over the past three years. I have benefitted greatly from your intelligent teaching. You are also cheerful and very amusing and witty. There is never a boring moment in your class. English, Math and Science are now my A* subjects. You have led me to success by motivating me – you keep encouraging me, saying that anything is possible. Having you as my teacher is the greatest gift ever. I will always remember you with warm feelings.” Jordan Thet Ke Xu, Clementi Primary School

“The Learning Boutique has helped me greatly in my studies. I enjoy all my lessons here as the teachers make learning fun and difficult concepts easy to understand. My teacher has not only improved my grades, but helped to build a solid foundation in English and Science.” Thaned Ong, Anglo-Chinese School (Junior)

“I improved from 75% in Primary 5 SA2 to 90.5% in Primary 6 SA1. I improved because I worked hard and revised using the Science notes from The Learning Boutique. I also find the June Intensive Revision lessons very useful. It is an enjoyable experience in The Learning Boutique.” Elliot Han Yi Heng, Nan Hua Primary School

“The Learning Boutique has helped me a lot. My parents enrolled me here when my results were B’s or even C’s. After two years, my results for English, Math and Science are high A’s and A*! I thank my teachers in TLB, as they are very important people to me. I have learnt A LOT from all of them, especially exam techniques for PSLE. My parents are very pleased that I have made it to Raffles Institution.” Bob Zhang Yining, Henry Park Primary School

“I have enjoyed all the lessons at The Learning Boutique. They are fun and exciting. I am extremely sad that this is my last year here. I will miss all the teachers that have taught me so well. They are dedicated and awesome.” Trixie Wee, Raffles Girls’ Primary School

“Thank you for being such awesome teachers! You have all helped me improve in my subjects and I’m so grateful for everything I’ve learnt here! You’re the best teachers ever! I will always carry The Learning Boutique experience wherever I go!” Marissa Lim, Methodist Girls’ School

“Thank you for teaching me for these months. You are so much better than my school teachers and your lessons have been very interesting. I hope I can have you as my teacher every year.” Josiah Chua, Anglo-Chinese School (Junior)

“I find learning at The Learning Boutique very enjoyable as my teacher incorporates quizzes into her weekly lessons. Even though I have only joined TLB when I am in Primary 6, my results have improved tremendously this year! I look forward to my classes every week, and I will never forget my teacher and her lessons.” Brian Chee, Henry Park Primary School

“I always enjoy attending lessons at The learning Boutique. Every week, I look forward to come for lessons. My Science teacher has helped me to improve tremendously! Her lessons are always fun and amazing. She also helped me understand some of the difficult topics better and the explanations are really clear and easy to understand. I thank my teacher for not only helping me to improve my Science results, but also making me enjoy learning and doing Science, and coming for tuition.” Evangeline Goh, Nanyang Primary School

“I would like to thank my teacher for teaching me carefully, and for making all her lessons enjoyable and exciting. The lessons are awesome, motivating me to do well at school. I like Science more and more!” Niki Ann Tay, St Nicholas Girls’ School

“Thanks for being the most wonderful and fun teachers in the world! You have instilled knowledge and wisdom in me, being such understanding teachers who constantly have faith in all of us!” Sean Yue Shi Quan, Nanyang Primary School

“My teacher at TLB is a very good one. Knowledgeable and friendly, she conducts her classes in a meaningful way, strict and firm yet fun and interesting. She is one who will go to any student in need and not hesitate to clarify our questions until we are 100% clear. She is also very thorough in her marking of my work, and giving her straightforward opinion about my strengths and weaknesses. The classes here have tremendously improved my English. My teacher has told me that I will score A* even before I take the exam.” Gladys Woo Hoi Teng, Clementi Primary School

“TLB has been my source of knowledge and encouragement. Here, I met some of the best teachers I have ever come across. Whenever I come for tuition, I feel happy and excited. Thank you for your guidance. You are all awesome!” Ryan Sim En Jie, Anglo-Chinese School (Junior)

“Thank you for teaching me the different strategies to answer Science and Math questions. I find them very effective and useful. Although I have only been in TLB this year, I have improved significantly in my grades, and it is because of your ceaseless support for me. TLB is a special place.” Isaac Wong, Henry Park Primary School

“Thank you sooo much for teaching me. You are the best teachers! I love TLB!!! You have helped me improve drastically in English, Math and Science, and I have finally achieved what I once thought was impossible. TLB is an extremely wonderful place and I have enjoyed all the classes. TLB IS THE BEST! I could not have done so well without you. Besides, I have made so many good friends in this place, We have grown up and improved together. I will continue to work hard and do well in secondary school! Thank you, teachers, for being there for me!!!” Benaiah Hoong Yong Qi, Henry Park Primary School

“At first, when I first came to The Learning Boutique, I thought tuition was just a waste of time and I could have used the time to play computer games. But as I sat through lesson after lesson, I began to learn so much new knowledge about the subjects, and make friends in class. I was surprised that every week, I look forward to come for more tuition. The lessons actually help my understanding of my schoolwork, and give me an advantage in school. I did not expect TLB to make such a profound impact on my childhood.” Joseph Lim De Sheng, St Andrews Junior School

“Thank you for being my Learning Boutique teacher for the past three years. Even though I have not been around for as long as Sean Yue, I find the lessons very interesting because of your great teaching. With you and my close friends like Regan Tan at TLB, I find myself looking forward to come for lessons every week. However, today is our last lesson and I feel very sad. I will miss all of you. Thank you for helping me! You have given me many happy moments inside this classroom.” Joshua Tan, Henry Park Primary School

“The TLB lessons conducted by my teacher are extremely helpful and interesting. I appreciate her teaching as I can understand every single word she said. I like the lessons very much because she teaches me in a fun atmosphere! She is very kind, funny, humorous, and she is very patient. She helps me with every question that I don’t know. She is one of the greatest teachers I ever met!” Nigel Loh, Anglo-Chinese School (Junior)

“You are the best teacher in the whole wide world! Before I joined The Learning Boutique, my Maths and Science were lousy, and I didn’t know how to study these subjects. When I started to attend your lessons, I realized where I had gone wrong in answering the exam questions. I am very grateful.” Khit Goh, Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School

“I joined TLB just this year. Before that, my marks were not up to my mother’s expectation. After some time, with my teacher’s guidance, I made progress, and now I have confidence to face the PSLE. Also, my teacher has helped to improve my attitude towards learning. My mom praises her for her good teaching. Although the year is coming to an end, and I am graduating from TLB soon, I will always remember this place and the teacher who has made such a big difference to me.” Joshua Lee, Fairfield Methodist Primary School

“Thank you for being my Learning Boutique teacher. It is my pleasure and privilege to be in your class. You are the kindest person I have ever met. I hope to have excellent teachers like you when I go to secondary school.” Vedant Mehrotra, Henry Park Primary School

“Thank you for teaching me English! I have really really enjoyed your lessons! Every week, I look forward to coming here. My English has improved greatly, thanks to you! You have inspired me to be passionate about English!” Hii Kai Li, Annabel, Raffles Girls’ Primary School

“Thank you for all the interesting explanations to our questions. Thank you for the exciting lessons. There are always positive and witty words in the class. You are a really good teacher! 我们在您班上感到十分快乐!” Chua Yuxuan, Fairfield Methodist Primary School

“My teacher is unbelievably smart, witty and nice. She helps me understand difficult concepts. Her lesson is always the high point of the week.” Lorraine Tan, Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School

“I have gained a lot of knowledge after I joined The Learning Boutique. My vivid descriptions in compositions have improved tremendously.” Anna Lee, Raffles Girls’ Primary School

“Thanks for being awesome teachers! I have benefitted tremendously to achieve good results for my PSLE. Please continue to teach me in secondary one!” Stacy Tan, Raffles Girls’ Primary School

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