Headoffice: 6466 8122 • TRM Branch: 6466 8122 • OCC Branch: 6466 8122


Our Mission

To inspire our students to become high achievers in life, by helping them to reach
academic milestones and spurring them to rise up to their fullest potential and aspirations.


The driving force behind The Learning Boutique is our passion and love for children. We believe in the intrinsic potential of every child, that each is unique, gifted and capable of reaching the stars.

To unleash that potential, we create a learning experience that is fun, engaging and memorable right here at The Learning Boutique.

Our challenging tutorials are conducted by MOE-trained teachers in an exciting and highly motivating setting. Small, friendly groups are arranged according to each child’s academic ability.

Our unwavering dedication in inspiring high achievement and maintaining an excellent track record sets us apart. Make The Learning Boutique your learning centre of choice to take your child to the next academic breakthrough!

Head Office

2 Pandan Valley
#01-208 Acacia Court
Singapore 597626
Tel: 6466 8122

TRM Branch

456 Upper Bukit Timah
The Rail Mall
Singapore 678072
Tel: 6717 1877

OCC Branch

1 Orchid Country Club Road
#02-34 Orchid Country Club
Singapore 769162